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wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Alan, Redditch – Diesel Mini

Hi Fuel Medic,

Can you solve a mystery for me please? My diesel Mini is playing up, it’s having the occasional judder, is a bit slow starting and doesn’t feel like it did a few weeks ago. My suspicion is, my girlfriend used it a week or so ago, to impress one of her mates on a shopping trip. She’s obviously put a bit of fuel in to top it up to where it was when she took it, I reckon she might have put unleaded into it! Is there anyway to tell? I’ve asked her whether she could have put the wrong fuel in it but she’s adamant she hasn’t, her own car is unleaded which makes me think she’s done what she always does when filling up. Any thoughts?



Unleaded in diesel VW Passat

Hi there, my wife put £5 of unleaded in our diesel 57 plate VW Passat before she realised what she was doing. After calling me she then topped up about £70 with diesel, she drove home without an issue. Whilst the car starts OK I’m convinced it’s blowing a little blue smoke. Any thoughts on how we should proceed? Thanks in advance.

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