wrong fuel in carwrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details
wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Please read some of the lovely feedback that we have received from our wrong fuel customers:

February 17, 2017

Wrong Fuel Coventry petrol in diesel Vauxhall Astra

Hi Fuel Medic

How’s everyone doing there? It’s Calvin Tower here from Coventry. I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the engineer and the Fuel Medic team who helped me out with my Vauxhall Astra yesterday night. I was on my way home from work and I was really tired. I wasn’t thinking straight and I managed to pick up the green nozzle instead of the black one and before I knew it there was 30 litres of the wrong fuel type in my tank. I’d never done anything like that before but I knew a few people who had after buying new diesel cars and being used to driving petrol ones. The first thing I did was call up one of my buddies who put petrol into a diesel Mercedes A class a short while ago, to ask him what he did to fix the problem. He said that he called the dealer who arranged for a tow truck and then took a week to fix his motor and charged him over £600 to get it sorted! I began to panic at this stage because I didn’t have that kind of cask to throw at the repair. I used my phone to search for “wrong fuel Coventry area” and I found your site on the top of the search. I called and spoke to Andy and when I asked about cost, I was immensely relieved to find out that I would be paying less than a quarter of what my mate paid and the job would be done in less than an hour! My mate will be furious when I tell him!

Andy sent out an engineer who was there after about 30 minutes, driving a very cool van loaded with super techy equipment. He was very courteous and respectful and he treated my little old Astra very nicely indeed. He had the wrong fuel removed and the engine flushed clean in about 20 minutes. The car started first time and ran like new! I’m not usually in the habit of writing reviews for companies, but in your case I was so impressed by the service that I thought I should. I would recommend the Fuel Medic without hesitation and will do so if I get the opportunity. I’m going to stick your card on the notice board at work. I won’t tell them it was me though because they’ll just take the mick!

Super service guys, very well done and massive thanks,

Calvin Tower, Wrong Fuel Coventry, diesel Vauxhall Astra

February 10, 2017

Wrong Fuel Manchester petrol in diesel VW Golf GTtdi

Hi Fuel Medic Team

This is Carl Foster here from Manchester. I drive the black VW Golf GT tdi that you came out to yesterday evening when I was on my way back from work and I put the wrong fuel in it like an idiot. I was so angry with myself for doing that because I know several people who have done the same thing and I am guilty of having taken the mickey out of them a bit! Boy are they going to have the last laugh when they find out that I’ve done it too! I had to swallow my pride and call one of them to find out who to call to get the wrong fuel removed from your car. You were recommended to me for a wrong fuel Manchester problem as you have a guy covering Manchester and its boroughs. Thankfully my buddy told me that the fuel drain wasn’t expensive and that his car was fine afterwards and has been ever since so at least I was confident that the problem would be solved properly. I was really impressed as well with the response time, particularly in bad rush hour traffic, your man was there in just over 40 minutes which seemed to be no time at all after I’d told the forecourt guy what had happened and got myself a coffee and some food from the shop. He showed up in a sparklingly clean van and smart uniform which gave me confidence straight away and he got straight on with the job and kept me informed about what he was doing as he went along. He obviously knew his stuff and did a great job, checking everything as he went along and taking great care of my car too. He was all done with the fuel drain in about 20 minutes and then he reset the ECU and was done. The whole thing from phone call to me getting back on the road was only just over an hour. I thought I would lose the whole evening! Excellent service guys, all aspects were brilliant. Low cost, fast response, thorough job and the car is running great. I will definitely be recommending you if any of my freinds or family have a wrong fuel Manchester problem.


Carl Foster, wrong fuel Manchester, diesel VW Golf GT tdi

December 10, 2015

Wrong Fuel Birmingham Diesel Ford Kuga

To the Fuel Medic

I am not normally the type who sits down and writes reviews for companies that I use as I am not great with computers but I thought that in the case of your company, I should make the effort. I would like to let you know what a wonderful job your engineer, Andy, did when he came out to myself and my wife after I put petrol into my new Ford Kuga instead of diesel. When I realised that I had put in the wrong fuel I had already put 30 litres into the tank so I knew that it wouldn’t be safe to drive if I filled up with diesel on top of it. The car is new and so I was very worried about the effect that the petrol would have on the engine. One of the other gentlemen on the forecourt searched on the internet on his phone for me and found your number and wrote it down for me. I first called the AA but they were expensive and not very helpful, I called your number and was quoted a lower price and a faster response time. Andy arrived very quickly and was extremely pleasant, well mannered and reassuring. He got straight on with the fuel drain and was very careful with my new car. The job was done quickly and I was impressed with Andy’s uniform, his spotless van and spotless fuel drain equipment. I think the respect shown to myself and my wife was the main reason for sending this message, though. It was very refreshing to encounter such a pleasant young man. I will most certainly recommend your company and I will retain your card just in case I am absent minded in the future, although, hopefully, I have learned my lesson!

Many Thanks for the wonderful service,

Len and Yvonne Colman, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, diesel Ford Kuga

November 24, 2015

Wrong Fuel Birmingham BMW 320 diesel

Hi Fuel Medic, just a quick message to say thank you ever so much for all your brilliant help with getting me back on the road after I stupidly put petrol in my BMW 320d instead of diesel. I must have been half asleep and I could have cried when I realised what I’d done as I needed to get to work early and had a really busy day for which I needed my car. Andy, your engineer was there in super quick time and he wasted no time in sorting out the fuel drain and getting my car started up again. I’ve never been so happy as when he started it up and it went first time. It’s been running well since so I haven’t done any damage to it, thank God. I’ll keep your card in my handbag in case I need you again, hopefully I’ve learnt my lesson though. If someone else is in a similar spot though, I may be able to help by passing on your number. I would certainly recommend your brilliant service to others. Thanks again.

Joy Hamilton, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, BMW 320 diesel

November 16, 2015

Wrong Fuel Birmingham Vauxhall Astra diesel

Hi Fuel Medic, this is Laney from Birmingham here. I had the red Vauxhall Astra diesel that I put petrol in at the station in Harborne this morning. Just a quick message to pass on my heartfelt thanks to your mechanic who sorted out the problem for me so well. He was there in a flash and explained everything to me clearly that he needed to do. He also made sure I was OK with the cost before starting any work, there was no pressure sales and the cost was surprisingly low for the work that needed doing. I thought I was in for a massive repair bill but that wasn’t the case and I was very relieved indeed! I will be recommending your company to everyone I know, just in case they need you too, although I am sure they will all have a good laugh at me for being such a fool and filling up with the wrong fuel. Your engineer mentioned that there are 149,999 other people that do the same thing every year, so I didn’t feel so bad then!

Many Thanks

Laney Smith, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, diesel Vauxhall Astra

November 12, 2015

Wrong Fuel Wolverhampton Vauxhall Astra

Thank you Fuel Medic for removing the petrol from my diesel Vauxhall Astra after my son accidentally filled it up with the wrong fuel. He was all ready to buy me a new engine and was ever so relieved when I told him to call you instead. I found you on the internet and liked your website so I gave him your number and he said that your service was really impressive. Quick and professional were his words and you obviously did a great job as the car has been fine since with no rough running or issues since. I’ve put a sticker on the fuel flap now so hopefully the same thing won’t happen again but I will tell anyone else that I know of who makes the same mistake, who to call.

Thanks again

John Granger, Wrong Fuel Wolverhampton, Vauxhall Astra

November 10, 2015

Petrol in Diesel Redditch Ford Fiesta

Huge thank you and massive well done to Simon who got me out of the mire this morning. I was the twit who filled up a diesel Ford Fiesta with petrol at the Shell in Redditch just before lunchtime today. I was on my lunch break and thanks to your fast service I still got back into work before the boss went barmy. I didn’t even know about you wrong fuel removal guys before my colleague told me to call you as she has used the Fuel Medic in the past which she confessed to me, and it was her that noticed what I was doing before I’d put too much in. Thanks to her I was only a tenner down in fuel when I stopped filling up. I did the right thing then though and called you before trying to start it or anything. Simon was there like a shot and had us back on our way in no time.

Great service guys, thanks from one very happy motorist.

Heather Bridger, Petrol in Diesel Redditch, Ford Fiesta

November 9, 2015

Petrol in Diesel Cannock Nissan Qashqai

Thanks Andy for your help with my Nissan Qashqai earlier. Not sure what I was thinking putting petrol in it rather than diesel but let’s just say my mind was elsewhere! All running superbly since though thanks to your hard work and you can add me to your “happy customer” list on your website as requested, because I am a happy customer! Sorry about being a big wuss and having a panic on the phone but my poor car did not sound happy when it conked out, I thought I’d completely killed it when it dawned on me that I’d put in the wrong fuel type and it cost me an arm a leg to buy. Unlike your charge which was tiny in comparison to what I imagined my error was going to cost me. So, thanks for that too. I still have money for the weekend!

Brilliant service, would use again, hope I don’t need to though!

Ta very much

Lisa Dobbs, Petrol In Diesel Cannock, Nissan Qashqai

November 7, 2015

Petrol in diesel Coventry Skoda Superb

Hello Fuel Medic Team – I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your assistance with my Skoda Superb after I put petrol in it rather than diesel a few days ago. It’s running well and has been down to Bristol and back a couple of days since, without any hiccups. The mechanic who came out to me was really helpful and reassuring because I was in a right panic thinking that the car would need a new engine and all sorts as I had started and driven the car. A fuel flush and drain seems to have put right the wrongs anyway. I’ll keep your card in case I daydream again at some point in the future and put in the wrong fuel, but I think I’ve learned my lesson now. I’m always seeing poor souls who have done the same thing at the petrol station though so next time I will pass on your number.

Many Thanks for the great service

Jerry Lawson, Petrol in Diesel Coventry, Skoda Superb

November 6, 2015

Wrong Fuel Birmingham VW Passat

Hi Fuel Medic – Thanks to Andy who saved the day yesterday. I put the wrong fuel in my VW Passat in Birmingham on the Pershore Road early yesterday morning and I was surprised how fast you got to me and impressed with the service as a whole. You are certainly very different from a lot of mechanics that I have met! Your courtesy was a real treat and made me feel a whole lot better about the situation as I was expecting it to be a real hassle. Andy was there quickly, got the job done quickly and was very professional and pleasant. It really gave me confidence that I had called the right fuel drain company and I will be putting in a good word with my boss as my company runs a fleet of cars and I know that others have put petrol in diesel cars too in the past.


Sunny Shah, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, VW Passat

November 5, 2015

Wrong Fuel Gloucester diesel Toyota Avensis

Thank you Fuel Medic team for getting me out of trouble yesterday with the fuel drain on my Toyota Avensis. This is Vern from Gloucester by the way, I was driving the black Avensis. I’ve only had the car a week and I’ve always driven petrol cars so I just filled up as normal, I feared the worst and I thought it would cost a fortune to get the car towed and get the fuel removed. As it was the Fuel Medic came up trumps and had me back on the road to work in just over an hour even though the traffic was horrendous. You run a great service and I was really impressed with the customer service and courtesy. Proper old school manners, nice to see. I would definitely recommend the Fuel Medic to anyone else who’s put in the wrong fuel for their car.


Vern Stratton, Wrong Fuel Gloucester, diesel Toyota Avensis

November 3, 2015

Wrong Fuel Birmingham diesel Ford Focus

To the Fuel Medic – Thanks a lot for your excellent service after I put the wrong fuel in my Ford Focus earlier. The engineer who helped me was brilliant. Really kind and patient and no pressure sales, he just told me what needed doing, reassured me that my car wasn’t a write off and then got on with the job. I didn’t even know there were companies that did fuel drains until one of the other peopleon the forecourt told me to call the Fuel Medic. I’m very glad you do exist though!

Yours Gratefully,

Deanna O’Brien, Wong Fuel Birmingham, diesel Ford Focus

October 27, 2015

Wrong Fuel Birmingham Audi A4

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Fuel Medic! You did a splendid job this morning in getting me back on the road SO FAST after I put the wrong fuel in my diesel Audi A4 in Birmingham yesterday. I don’t normally take the time to fill in feeedback forms but in your case I think the service was so good that you definitely deserve the effort. The engineer was polite and courteous, the van was clean and tidy and he was ever so careful with by car bodywork, even putting a padded blanket on it while he worked on the fuel drain. I couldn’t believe how quickly the problem was solved and there was me thinking it was a huge disaster. Not with the Fuel Medic on the case!

Well done guys!

Ellie Fisk, Wrong Fuel Birmingham in diesel Audi A4

October 25, 2015

Wrong Fuel Coventry diesel VW Polo

To The Fuel Medic – Excellent job earlier on this morning team. I was really impressed with the response time and the conduct of the engineer. The van was spotless and the smart uniform was very reassuring. I don’t know what possessed me to put the wrong fuel in my little VW Polo. I guess I just wasn’t thinking straight, like everyone else it seems I have a hectic life at the moment! The engine is running nicely so far so I don’t think I’ve done any damage to it and the engineer assured me that the fuel drain would sort out the problem 100% anyway. I’ve been on a couple of long runs since with no sign of problems or rough running. So, thanks for getting me out of that spot! I will keep your card to hand just in case I’m half asleep while filling up in the future.

Many Thanks

Colette O’Brien, Wrong Fuel Coventry, diesel VW Polo

October 11, 2015

Wrong Fuel Birmingham Ford Mondeo Diesel

Thank you team, for the super efficient fuel drain on my Ford Mondeo this morning. It was most definitely a far less traumatic incident than it could have been if not for calling you. The lady in the kiosk at the fuel station gave me your number so she’s obviously seen it all before, she said you were good and she wasn’t wrong. Andy came out to do the job and he was very professional and polite. I felt the tension melt away when he got on with the job as he was relaxed and very reassuring. He didn’t think it was a big deal which made me feel much better about it as I thought I would be needing serious repairs at great expense. One quick fuel drain later and the car is running wonderfully as before. Excellent service, top marks for customer care too. I’d like to say I would use you again but I hope I don’t put in the wrong fuel again too soon!

Well Done,

Richard Weatherby, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, Ford Mondeo diesel

March 2, 2014

Wrong fuel Stourbridge Audi A4

I put the Wrong fuel in my car yesterday and would like to say thank you for saving my car and my day! I was on my way to a school reunion when I put petrol in my diesel Audi A4. Andy was with me within twenty minutes and I was on my journey again quickly. You saved my day Fuel Medic!!

Mr Bailey Stourbridge
Audi A4

November 18, 2013

Wrong Fuel in classic car – Sutton Coldfield

Hi, I have a classic car, a 1952 Morris Minor. My pillock of a son used one of the fuel canisters I keep in the garage, specifically for the four star petrol I travel to Coventry to buy, after putting my 4 star in his car he then went and filled the canister up with unleaded which a week later I emptied into my precious moggie. Fortunately I’d only puled the car 10 feet or so onto the driveway to clean it when he told me he’d replaced the fuel he’d used with a big smile on his face expecting a pat on the back. I’m sure he’s the milkman’s. I don’t want to risk putting a lead additive in as I’ve ran her on 4 star all the way through as she’s not been converted and has the soft valve seats. I’m a purist and don’t want any fuel that she wasn’t designed for to be used. Having only run the car for a few seconds, will she be alright?

David Arthurs, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

Wrong Fuel Wythall, Birmingham

Hello, I wonder if you can help with an unusual problem. I’ve accidentally filled my lawnmower with paraffin, now before you laugh, it’s a top of the range Atco Royale worth about 2 grand. Can you help please? I’m in Wythall, Birmingham.

November 13, 2013

Wrong Fuel in Audi A6 Stratford-upon-Avon

It would be easy not to email you with a note of my appreciation, but, your service deserved far more than that. When I put unleaded into my Audi A6 I thought ‘well there’s the day gone’. Your technician arrived 22 minutes after my phone call and had me on my way in no time. What a first class service you offer. Well done, I shall definitely be recommending your service to anyone who drops a clanger like I did. All the very best for the future.

Clifford Haynes, Wrong Fuel in Audi A6 Stratford-upon-Avon.

Wrong Fuel Landrover Discovery Redditch

Hi there, it’s Dave here, you sorted out my Landrover Discovery last week in Webheath in Redditch. Quick question if I may, a mate of mine said I should try and reclaim the cost from my insurance company. Any idea if I might be covered?

Many Thanks


Wrong Fuel Removal Solihull

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for your quick and efficient service yesterday, I was the idiot who put petrol in my diesel Ford Focus at the BP Station on the Warwick Road in Solihull. Top service and a genuinely nice bloke who did the job.

Ray Stephens – Wrong Fuel Removal Solihull

October 24, 2013

Wrong Fuel Leamington Spa BMW 320 Diesel

Thanks very much for the excellent service I received last night after putting the wrong fuel in my BMW 320 diesel. Your technician arrived promptly, was well equipped, knowledgeable and carried out the fuel drain expeditiously. Highly recommended.

John Croft, BMW 320 diesel

Leamington Spa

October 4, 2013

Wrong Fuel Birmingham Service

Hi Guys, just a quick note to say thanks for a fast response to my call yesterday after putting the wrong fuel in my bmw last night in Birmingham. I was on my way in less than 40 minutes and not late for the party!

Kerry Randle, Birmingham

Another happy customer for Wrong Fuel Birmingham Service

September 23, 2013

Alan, Redditch – Diesel Mini

Hi Fuel Medic,

Can you solve a mystery for me please? My diesel Mini is playing up, it’s having the occasional judder, is a bit slow starting and doesn’t feel like it did a few weeks ago. My suspicion is, my girlfriend used it a week or so ago, to impress one of her mates on a shopping trip. She’s obviously put a bit of fuel in to top it up to where it was when she took it, I reckon she might have put unleaded into it! Is there anyway to tell? I’ve asked her whether she could have put the wrong fuel in it but she’s adamant she hasn’t, her own car is unleaded which makes me think she’s done what she always does when filling up. Any thoughts?



Dean, Kenilworth – VW Passat Diesel

Hi, can I have an approximate price please? I put unleaded in my 2005 diesel VW Passat (110 bhp version if that helps at all). I kangarooed it half a mile home from the petrol station and now it won’t start. I’m in Kenilworth. Thanks.

Louise – Ford Fiesta Diesel

Thank you so much for your quick response yesterday, my husband hit the roof when he heard I’d put unleaded petrol in the car instead of diesel. With the car safely at home and with no lasting damage, he ended up praising me for calling you guys instead of calling him out of work.


Thanks again.

September 17, 2013

Diesel in an unleaded Fiat

Hi, I accidentally put a tenners worth of diesel in my old Fiat, I’ve topped it up with unleaded and it drives but keeps cutting out. It’s only worth about 400 quid, is it worth saving? Cheers

Unleaded in diesel VW Passat

Hi there, my wife put £5 of unleaded in our diesel 57 plate VW Passat before she realised what she was doing. After calling me she then topped up about £70 with diesel, she drove home without an issue. Whilst the car starts OK I’m convinced it’s blowing a little blue smoke. Any thoughts on how we should proceed? Thanks in advance.

September 16, 2013

petrol in diesel coventry kia sportage

After misfueling my Kia Sportage i didn’t know what to do until the lady in the petrol station gave me your card. You arrived very quickly and drained my car in no time. A big thank you to Fuel Medic.

Mr Parkes, Wrong Fuel Kia Sportage, Coventry.

wrong fuel birmingham jaguar diesel

I would just like to say a big thank you to Jordan after putting petrol in my diesel Jaguar it was sorted in less than 30 minutes and he even gave me a free additive. Super service, couldn’t ask for more.

Simon Berry, Jaguar X-Type, Birmingham

June 4, 2013

Mrs Frampton, Worcester. Petrol in a diesel Ford Fiesta.

Just a quick note to say thanks for all of your help yesterday. I hope that I never need your services again, but would definitely recommend you to a friend! Thanks again.

Mr McGough. Petrol in diesel Alfa Romeo 159.

10/10 for service/speed and price. Can’t rate this company highly enough. Am absolutely disgusted with the AA, RAC, Green Flag, National breakdown and 3 local companies who wanted over £220 + these guys did it for slightly more than half that.

Mr Andrew F. Petrol in diesel Peugeot 407.

Just a short note to say thanks for helping me out and persevering through awful traffic when I am sure others would have given up. Great service at a great price. Thanks ever so much, guys.

Mr Bond, Nottingham. Petrol in a diesel Mercedes C220.

I would like to thank your engineer for helping me after I put the wrong fuel in my car. It is nice and refreshing in this day and age to deal with someone who is very friendly and efficient. He sorted out my mistake in a quick professional manner. I would certainly recommend the Fuel Medic. Thanks once again.

Ms Pickering, Worcester. Petrol in a diesel Renault Megane.

A very fast, friendly and professional service. I accidentally put £20 of petrol in a diesel Renault Megane, I rang Fuel Medic and as soon as you arrived the engineers manner was so friendly and calm I immediately felt calm myself. I didn’t realise how anxious I was! Thank you so much.

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