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Wrong fuel in your vehicle fuel tank? Petrol in Diesel or vice versa?

Call the Fuel Medic. Our rapid response engineer will be there in a flash.

Every 5 minutes a UK motorist puts the wrong fuel type into their car, van or motorcycle, whether it’s putting petrol in a diesel vehicle or diesel in a petrol vehicle. Our expert wrong fuel recovery engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we have an amazing network of vehicles and experts covering the majority of mainland UK.

Call the Fuel Medic straight away on 08456 447991

If you have realised that you’ve filled up your vehicle with the wrong fuel, if at all possible don’t try to start it. Inform the forecourt staff of what has happened and call the Fuel Medic as soon as you can. The forecourt staff will probably help you to move the vehicle to a safe place on the forecourt if necessary.

If you have started the vehicle and have driven it away from the forecourt with the wrong fuel in the tank, then you may very well be stranded at the side of the road or at a busy junction. Don’t worry, all is not lost! Call the Fuel Medic as soon as you can and let the engineer know if you are stranded and are causing an obstruction or if you are a vulnerable motorist. Your job will be prioritised and we will get an emergency fuel drain vehicle to you as fast as possible. All of our vehicles are fitted with equipment to get your vehicle moved to a safe place to protect you and your vehicle and to allow our engineer to carry out the wrong fuel removal job quickly and safely.

Wrong Fuel Medic

Experienced, Expert Wrong Fuel Removal and Fast Response Service for the UK

Fuel Medic engineers have been working in the wrong fuel recovery industry for many years and are experts in dealing with all manner of vehicle mis-fuelling problems, whether you drive a small car, a large 4×4, a minibus or ride a motorcycle – we can remove the contaminated fuel from your fuel tank in one safe and fast operation ensuring that your vehicle is fully protected during the process and that the fuel system is thoroughly cleaned and all traces of the wrong fuel type are removed to prevent any long term damage to the fuel system components. Our mobile emergency vans carry all the necessary state of the art equipment to enable our engineers to carry out the fuel drain process wherever your vehicle may be, meaning that you don’t have to go to the expense or hassle of organising a recovery transport.

When the wrong fuel is introduced to a vehicle fuel system it is essential that all of the wrong fuel type is removed from the vehicle fuel tank and the fuel system, including fuel lines and fuel filter. A full system flush thorough with fuel of the correct type will be carried out to ensure that there is no residual contaminated fuel in the system. In many modern vehicles adding the wrong fuel to the vehicle and then driving it may affect the Engine Control Unit (ECU). If this happens, using our specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment, we can quickly check for any other issues with the vehicle fuel system and perform a system reset.

We aim to get to you within an hour of your call, depending upon the traffic conditions and your location, but our extensive network of wrong fuel recovery vehicles means that we’re usually much quicker.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer care is an essential part of our service and our highly professional engineers will explain exactly what they need to do to your vehicle and how much the job will cost, before they begin. They will never ask for payment up-front and will always be respectful and courteous. We know that filling up with the wrong fuel is a stressful and worrying situation and we want to ensure that our customers are given peace of mind when using the Fuel Medic service and that the process is as efficient and stress free as possible.

In the vast majority of cases, our engineer will have dealt with a great many similar situations, so you can relax in the knowledge that we’ll have you back on the road in no time at all as if nothing had happened.

All of our Engineers are fully trained on an ongoing basis, to deal with any vehicle type which has been filled with the wrong fuel, whether it’s a old classic, an exotic sports car or a super-bike and all carry an SPA Passport to demonstrate this. Fuel Medic is also authorised and licensed by the Environment Agency to handle transport dangerous chemicals such as contaminated fuel, without this they would not be able to carry out the fuel drain service on a petrol station forecourt.

Call our Emergency response number now 0845 644 7991 and we’ll get to you as fast as we can

Here’s what a few of our customers had to say about our service:

Well Done Fuel Medic! Thanks to your prompt service and expertise my Ford Focus diesel is not dead! It lives to drive another day after I was convinced that I’d killed the engine by putting petrol into it instead of diesel. I’m just so used to driving petrol cars and you’d hardly know this one was a diesel as it runs so quietly. When I realised what I had done I went into a panic as the car is brand new but my daughter did a quick search on her phone and found the Fuel Medic website. Calling you was the best thing I could have done. I know my breakdown company would have charged me a fortune, not to mention the main Ford dealer. I was more than happy to pay your bill knowing that the car was going to be OK. I will be putting in a good word for you because of your great customer service, so thanks very much once again.

Best Wishes

Saul Jenson, Wrong Fuel Walsall, Ford Focus Diesel

To The Fuel Medic – Well done on the brilliant rescue job today on my diesel VW Passat after I put petrol in it, like an idiot. Not a good way to start the day but at least my car was back on the road quickly with the minimum of fuss. As I’m a taxi driver, I’m sure you can appreciate how much I needed my car. The engineer was tidy and polite and knew exactly what he was doing so the job was done quickly and great care was taken of the car which impressed me. All seems fine now and we’re running smoothly once more thanks to you. I would definitely recommend your service and would use you again, although I hope I don’t need you again too soon.

Great Job Fuel Medic.

Many Thanks

Khalid Hussain, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, VW Passat

Hello Fuel Medic,

I would just like to pass on my thanks to everyone at the company for assisting my wife when she put petrol into our car instead of diesel. I understand that she was quite distressed at the time and that the person who attended the job was very kind and patient and even bought her a cup of tea to help calm her nerves. It is so good to know that there are businesses out there who truly care about the welfare of their customers. My wife had already called the RAC out but they told her there was a 2 hour wait, your man was with her in less than 45 minutes and had the job completed long before the RAC would even have arrived. I was also surprised at the low cost of the job which was much less than the RAC had quoted. I will be recommending your company to friends and family and I will keep your number just in case.

Yours Gratefully,

Roger Simkiss, Wrong Fuel in Vauxhall Insignia, Oxford